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Green Hydrogen / Ammonia Solutions (BOO/EPC/EPCM/ Consultancy/Advisory)

Strategy & Policy Advisory

We work with state and national governments in helping them with policy formulations and review in the field of low-carbon hydrogen, sustainability and carbon-neutral in general. We also work with several companies, across manufacturers to EPC and technology R&D to advise them on the short- and long-term strategy development for their low-carbon hydrogen and carbon-neutral goal

Technical Consultancy & Basic Engineering

We provide early-stage consultancy services for various low-carbon hydrogen and sustainability projects. Within this we undertake the entire scope from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, front-end engineering, basic engineering and support to the detailed engineering and EPC phases of the project.

Our experienced engineering organiza
tion consisting of multidisciplinary engineers with experience across the globe works on fit-for-purpose technical solutions with high focus on process safety. 

Technology Development

We are working on development of technology solutions for accelerating the push towards our sustainable future. This includes, development of PEM fuel cell stacks, electrolyser, electric vehicle chargers and energy storage solutions. 

Our in-house technology & R&D team works closely in partnership with universities and industries. 

We are technology and application agnostic.

Project Execution

To be generator of cost effective green hydrogen / ammonia through electrolysis process or other chemical processes like CBG etc., we offer 3 modes of project execution:

1. Build Own Operate (BOO) basis
 : Here we support execution of project by arranging investor to support long term supply of green hydrogen / green ammonia on LCOEH (levelized cost of hydrogen) basis using RTC green power within the customer premises. We use best quality of equipment and offer services like O&M and annual maintenance contract (AMC). Here, the asset is owned by investors majorly and under long term purchase contract by customers.

2. EPC based contract: Our team does site survey, prepares feasibility report and submit to the end user or plant owner for approval. Our team comprising of IIM alumni shall prepare the business plan and seek business stakeholders approval going forward. Our engineering team comprising of young IITians / ex-BHEL with 25+ years of experience in both India and overseas, shall take care of complete plant engineering, project management, material procurement / quality, contract execution supervision at site and final handover of the plant. Here, the complete investment shall be made by the plant owner. In this case, the cost of hydrogen is lower.

3. EPCM based contract: Here, we work on ensuring the lowest cost of ownership for the green hydrogen user by helping right from concept to commisioning. Here, all the equipment and other services as per agreed DoW (division of work) shared by stakeholder and double taxation and margins on third party equipment is completely avoided. The cost of green hydrogen in this case is lowest.

NOTE: Please write to us in case you need more information on above mode of executions.

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