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& Trends Towards Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia

FTS is a joint initiative by globally experienced business professionals backed up by large pool of international technology experts to bring, develop and implement proven technology systems and services to meet and ease challenges of life. The main initiative is to promote green energy generation and solutions, robotics and drones based applications, digitalisation and cyber security based IT/OT solutions, air quality control system and solutions, energy storage with microgrid,smartgrid and smart metering,smart city solutions, e-mobility with charging infrastructure and retrofit and upgrade solutions and systems to make it more efficient and cost-effective.

FTS also promotes above technologies and solutions through the educational institutions for skill development directly and through NGOs and govt. bodies.

To implement above, a conducive policy and regulation should be in place. Hence, FTS is actively involved in policy research, management consulting, advocacy and advisory.

Mentoring global companies and local startups in collaboration with investors and funding agencies to setup businesses and support to grow market are another key offerings of FTS.

Our Alliances

We are associated with these technological firms to bring their world-class solutions to India

Our Services

China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) was formally established on November 28, 2017, following the merger of China Guodian Corporation and Shenhua Group. It is a key state-owned energy enterprise (SOE) directly administered by the central government, playing a pioneering role in the restructuring of SOEs, the reform of state-owned capital investment, the efforts to build a top-notch energy company with global competitiveness, and the reform of SOE corporate governance. 

FTS is an authorized associate to promote mini oilgun retrofit (MOIS) and Plasma ignition solution for reduction of oil consumption during startup and making boiler oil-free respectively. Please download the questionnaire and send us complete details for providing techno-commercial offer for your boiler.

shuangliang logo.png

More than 40 years history of endeavor and constant improvements has transformed Shuangliang to a conglomerate maintaining operations in machinery, chemical and new materials. They have developed into an integrated industry manufacturing dry cooling system, alkaline electrolysers, CCHP systems, TIAC systems etc.

We are associated with this company to provide alkaline / AEM electrolyser solutions.


One of the global leaders in industrial cybersecurity, Waterfall has been protecting critical industrial networks since 2007.  Waterfall’s products enable safe IT/OT integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics, cloud connectivity and tamper-proof forensics, without the vulnerabilities that always accompany firewalled connectivity.


Leading technology-based enterprise in the lithium battery industry, with more than 30 years of experience in technology and product development, and is determined to become a global provider of intelligent lithium battery overall solutions, providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world.

We are associated with this company to provide battery-based energy storage.


Shandong SAIKESAISI Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. is the first national high-tech enterprise engaged in PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment. Their development of PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production business is well established and recognized for several decades.

FTS is authorized by Shandong to promote their portfolio of products and services for green hydrogen projects.


Austa energy has been specializing in offering distributed photovoltaic solutions since 2009,its product includes PV Modules, all-in-one solutions for industrial, commercial and residential solar roof top projects, as well as smart energy management and maintenance service.

FTS offers complete solar power generation, storage and distribution solutions, fully backed up by AI and blockchain technologies. Our offering includes off-site solar, on-site solar and battery storage and residential captive solar power generation plants. We offer end to end O&M annual maintenance contract at best cost of ownership.

FTS provides modular plug and play solar power generation solutions fully automated with the help of world-class cleaning robots and string inverters.

Thermal Power

World-class technology partner for offering complete plant retrofit, upgrade, renovation and modernization, solution for efficiency improvement and low cost of power generation.

Air quality control system and complete digitalisation solution loaded with cybersecurity from our reputed global partners.

Spare and overhaul support for 3rd party equipments.


Established in 2005, and is deeply involved in the technology development and engineering application of the environmental protection industry.

It is a large-scale energy conservation and environmental protection comprehensive enterprise with several business sectors, such as flue gas treatment, waste water treatment, solid waste treatment, etc., and it is a domestic first-class overall solution provider for the environmental protection industry chain, and its product technology has reached the international advanced level.

We are the authorized associate for promoting wet lime FGD and semi dry CFB technology, DSI FGD, Electrostatic precipitator, SCR, SNCR and battery-based storage.

Our Services

Below are some of the services that FTS offers.

Solar Power and Storage

FTS provides customized solar power generation solution with storage and associated equipment on turnkey basis both lease model as well as self-financed. FTS undertakes AMC and MRO management on contract basis. Also supplies solar panel, inverters, cleaning robots, GPS tracking and positioning systems from reputed manufacturers.

For storage, Li-ion, Na-ion, lead acid battery pack shall be provided. Solar inverters also offered.

Environmental Solutions / Equipments

FTS provides complete air quality control and solutions for various applications including coal-based power plants. These solutions like FGD, SCR, SNCR and decarbonisation shall be provided through 3rd party technology provider having adequate proveness.

FTS provides AMC for various associated auxilliaries and runs spare management for contracted units. Also troubleshooting services available both online and offline.

We also provide support for regular supply of consumables and disposal of waste.


FTS provides cloud-based digital solutions from our principle companies for various operational applications as well as MIS generation for decision making. All these solutions are IIoT-based, embedded with AI and analytics designed to suit particular applications.

FTS provides cybersecurity solutions from our principles to protect the IT network from being attacked and undertakes complete installation and remote monitoring on the network to notify any anomaly

EPC & System Integration

FTS undertakes concept to commisioning of the project on EPC basis. Also, undertakes retrofit project with integration to the existing system.

Renovation and modernisation of vintage systems/equipment is our area of expertise to enhance the output, efficiency within the existing boundary conditions for both solar, coal and wind generation power plant.

Also undertakes decomissioning of and shifting of the plant from one place to other, under the guidance of global experts.

Operation & Maintenance

FTS has large pool of experienced operation and maintenance personnels both young and veteran for carrying out O&M services. FTS undertakes O&M services with/without spares and consumables. FTS also provides 24x7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting support through manual process or digital.

FTS also provides overhaul and routine check up services including energy audits.


We have BEE certified energy auditors and other licensee workforce.

Skilled and unskilled manpower supply on contract basis.

Consulting & Advisory

FTS has experienced financial analysts,  chartered engineers/ accountants, legal, professionals, policy advisors, engineering professionals, project management professionals, sales and marketing experts, tax consultants on its panel.

FTS undertakes preparation of project feasibility reports with financial analysis, project management, project appraisal, policy research and policy advisory.


FTS also provides owners and buyers engineering support for projects.

FTS provides turnaround and business setup support to companies.


To support our customers for making India cleaner and greener by providing cost effective, disruptive technology solution and services

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